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About diamond drill bits

2018/07/10 15:17
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Whether the quality of the drill bit is good or not, whether the drill bit type and the formation lithology are suitable, plays an important role in speeding up the drilling speed and increasing the single drill bit footage. Drilling an oil and gas well generally requires the use of multiple drill bits of different sizes. When drilling the upper formation, a larger diameter drill bit is used. Because the drill bit is drilled into a softer formation, the single drill bit has more footage and the use time is shorter. Several wells can be reused; while drills with smaller diameters are used when drilling the lower formation, multiple drills are generally used because of the hard formation and the small drill stroke. The amount of drilling of a new drill bit in a downhole depends mainly on the size and type of the drill bit, the softness of the formation, and the fit of the drilling parameters. In general, the smaller the drill size, the harder the formation, the less the footage; the larger the drill size and the softer the formation, the more the drill strokes.